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5 alive O me O my

The wOrd On everyOne's lips is OmicrOn. O my. O, is it? SO it seems, Out Of the darkness rises the big O, guaranteed tO be mOre frightening than the Delta triangle, mOre uncertain than AIDS in the 8Os, and mOre cOntageOus than the black death in and Of its very self...

6 for Sex

Six for sex. Oh, oh, OH yes. It's time to slither out and make some sounds, for homophones abound! Beginning with the sultry title of this post, now thoughtfully explicated for you here as spoken integers: 6 - 4 - 6. Say them with me now aloud, (I'll know if you do...

7 stole some swords

For those of you who need a little extra help, a little extra information, a hand up, a bit of assistance, a little extra time, and glossary to read this, (in other words, for those of you too stupid to keep up,) please enjoy the following post -- now with subtitles!...


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