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2’s not true, or is it?

Sorry about that, I was cranked.  Went to a thing at the armory, where the aesthetic was pure vampire and a toothsome Nosferatu really put me in the mood. Not to say anything I wrote above could be deemed untrue, but I'll concede, I could have framed my opening...

#3 while I’m in the mood

You know who I can't stand? Christians. "Throw them to the lions hahahaha." Emperor Nero and Iggy Pop were really on to something with that catchy phrase. Marcy's not a Christian. That's something to be said for her. She's losing her nerve though. Oooh, scary road...

4 and four-ward

So I walked to Andytown this morning and stood in line with the other masked comrades. I knew that commie coffee shop wouldn't stoop to celebrate the national historic genocide, so cafe au lait was in the cards for me. But as the coffee burned my lips, I was struck by...


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